Ulrike von Loeper – Foundation

The Ulrike von Loeper – Foundation aims to enable the realisation of artistic- and photojournalistic projects and initiatives with your voluntary and collective support.

Primary objectives of the foundation are:

  • to enable thorough research & analysis of relevant topics in places of interest around the world and to record these photographically to be released in photo-documentaries or book publications.
  • to enable and maintain the development of free and neutral journalism and reporting by the artist, providing the requisite time to investigate on the ground.
  • to support innovative and extraordinary art-projects, that aim to inspire and enrich people and the public in general.

The respective outcomes are to be released through a variety of channels, depending on the nature of the project, through e.g. exhibitions, media releases and online forums, print media, book publications and movies etc.

The foundation enables the realisation of extraordinary projects by the artist, Ulrike von Loeper, by covering minimal costs for the preparation, execution and successful completion of projects. It is by no means to be understood as a mechanism for personal enrichment.

Foundation account details:
Ulrike von Loeper – Fotografie
IBAN: DE60770200700025920716

A confirmation receipt will be issued for funds received. To enable this, kindly forward me your email address.

Tel. 0049 (0) 176 38149448
Postal address: Tiefurter Allee 37, 99425 Weimar, Germany

Thank you very much.